Monday, February 10, 2014

Almost 12 weeks!

On Friday last week I got cleared for full weight bearing (obviously gradual) and all my other restrictions are lifted!!  I am so happy and excited to finally start feeling like a human again!  So around my apartment I have been walking without crutches and out and about I am just using one crutch.  I have a pretty good penguin walk going on without any crutches, but I know thats all just weak muscles and with time, it will get there.  I still have a lot of pain and trouble lifting my leg up when standing, my hip flexors just seem really slow to the party.  So far when walking I have a lot of pain deep in my glutes too, but I would imaging this is all just muscle weakness issues.  Tomorrow I have my first PT appointment since getting my restrictions lifted so I cannot wait to see what we get to do!  Below is my most recent xray:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost 10 weeks RPAO

So I am almost 10 weeks RPAO and I have to say, this recovery is hard.  Its really, really hard.  And long.  My scopes were a breeze compared to this recovery.  I am still on crutches as I have not been cleared for weight bearing yet.  There was a BIG mix up at my local hospital that delayed my xrays getting to Dr. Buly and I cannot start to weight bear until Dr. Buly looks at my xrays and clears me.  So in the mean time though I am struggling as my left hip has been causing me a lot of pain.  I know that this hip too has issues such as acetabular retroversion, a labral tear, FAI, and femoral anteversion which means sooner or later I will need surgery on it, but thats hard to imagine at this point giving how long this recovery is.

I do see improvement in things though, such as lifting my operated leg has become a lot easier for me and I finally feel like I could go down to one crutch and I could walk without falling!  I have been using the bone stimulator once a day as well as I have started taking an NSAID again as I am hoping that it will help me get off the pain meds sooner.  I still often have pain pretty consistently throughout my lower back, groin and down into my knee.  My PT is still going well, although its been hard to get to these last few weeks with the weather the way that it is (windchills well below zero, a lot of blizzard like conditions, etc.) so I have been lucky to make it even once a week.  When I do go, the pool feels amazing!  I am so happy that I was able to start pool therapy after my incision healed.

So it seems like there are always people asking about what to bring to the hospital when having a surgery like this where you will be staying for a few days.  I literally packed like I was going to the artic circle and used almost nothing, not to mention my experience was a little different in that I only stayed 2 days in the hospital (when the average is 3-5 days) but here is the list of things I found helpful at the hospital and at home:

  • Kindle (or any kind of tablet/e-reader)
  • Phone (at HSS I could not make any out of state phone calls so using the hospital phone was out)
  • Toothbrush (although if I had not brought my own, they provided one for me)
  • Some comfy clothes to go home in (I wore some big baggy sweats, sports bra, a baggy t-shit and hoody (cause it was Nov), and an oversized pair of unddies).
Other than that, everything else was provided for me.  Each morning I was given the chance to wash up and put on a new gown.  I thought that I would be able to change into my own clothes sooner than the after of leaving, but between all the things you are hooked up to, you don't really get much of a chance to be in your own clothes because the nurses need to be able to access things.

For home supplies I did not do much different this time than with my scopes, but here is a list of things that people find helpful for recovery at home:

  • raised toilet seat (I did not get one of these because I had my surgery out of state.  I did not go home after surgery right away and I had a 14 hour drive home and used about a million toilets between NY and MI that were not raised so I just go used to it.  I did not find it difficult, but I have heard that people loves these)
  • shower chair (another thing that I did not buy, but people have said is super helpful in recovery and I can see why, the first two weeks after surgery are super hard and moving around is not your best friend)
  • long grabber
  • crutches (this one seems obvious, but having to be on crutches for a long time can be difficult for some with other injuries, like shoulders, so they have found non traditional crutches like Mobilegs are a great buy.  Personally I was fine with my free traditional ones)
  • crutch pads (recommended if you are going to go with the traditional crutches)
  • Lots of baggy sweat pants, shorts, etc.  Most people are at least a little swollen after surgery requiring baggier pants and underwear
  • Make some meals before hand.  Even if you are not going to be alone much, its always nice to give the person who is caring for you a break by having stuff pre-made :)