Thursday, August 22, 2013

So, its been a while...

So, its been a long time since I have updated my blog just because this recovery has been so emotional and physically hard that one day I was feeling great and the next day I could barley move, nothing seemed consistent from one day to the next, which makes it a little hard to tell others how you are doing.

Since my last post my recovery had seemed to progress well, although slowly, with often setbacks.  But, by the end of May I was doing some light jogging.  In fact, the last week of May I was able to jog 3 days in one week and it felt amazing.  I had stopped physical therapy about 2 weeks before this, although I was still doing exercises at home.  I would still get occasional pain just above my groin while lowering myself down stairs or something similar, but overall, I was feeling pretty great.

Then...I had some family things to take care of which sent me home for a week in the beginning of June.  Its an 8 hour drive to my parents house and then another 4 hours to see other family in another part of the state.  I was home for a week before coming back to my house (another 12 hour drive).  I was only home a week when my grandmother passed away so back home I went (another 2 12+ hour drives).  By the time I came back home at the end of June, my hip had suffered some pretty significant set backs, I was in daily pain again.  I figured it was a short term flare up and did not think much of it, but after 2 weeks the pain was only getting worse.  I was taking 2 summer classes at Michigan Tech so I was sitting for 3 hours a day plus trying to work at my old job at the law office a few times a week.  The combination of a lot of driving plus sitting at work and school was causing things to only get worse.  I was getting a lot of groin pain, pain in the front of my hip, and knee pain.  After a few more weeks of this, I became concerned and contacted the surgeon in Colorado again.  While waiting to hear from his team I decided that it would be best to get an opinion on the femoral anteversion issue.  I called a surgeon that was recommended to me that's based in New York and scheduled an appointment for the end of September.  Dr. Philippon does not deal with femoral anteversion so he cannot really tell me much more about it other than I have it and it might effect the outcome of this surgery.  I feel like until I get an opinion from a doctor that does these kinds of surgeries I will never know if this pain is caused by the anteversion or if its just a part of this healing process.  Its been about 2 months of constant pain so far though, so I don't feel like I am making any rash decisions, even though I am tired of all this hip stuff.

So that's the update for now.  I currently have two weeks off from classes before I start taking some more classes this fall.  The break has been nice for my hip.  I am still trying to get on the bike a few times a week as well as doing some stretching that was given to me by Dr. P.  So far, the groin pain has calmed some, but the pain in the front of my hip and in the knee is still bad most days preventing me from being on my feet for any length of time.  Hopefully I can get some more answers from this surgeon in New York.

For anyone else out there suffering, I hope that you too get answers soon and that everyone has pain free days ahead!