Sunday, December 2, 2012

In 2 days...

So this is an odd post for me to be writing because honestly, in some ways, I thought that I would never be here.  Even though I had a surgery scheduled for April, it seemed so far away and surreal, I guess a small part of me thought that it would never happen for me. I am, in Vail, Colorado with surgery in two days.  My husband (Adam) and I flew into Denver last night, rented a car, and drove the hour and a half to Vail.  The day started a little rough with a delayed flight out of Houghton, MI and a delayed landing into Chicago, which caused us to miss our flight to Denver.  When we got off the plane in Chicago though, United Airlines had already re-booked us on the next flight out.  Unfortunately, it was a 3 hour wait, but we made the best of it and got some dinner and picked up a few Chicago suveniers.  The plane we were on to Denver was awesome too because I guess it was originally suppose to go overseas, but the flight got cancelled or something, so we ended up with a hugely awesome plane that had blankets and pillows for you, as well as everyone got a small TV.  So the flight was really nice for us :)

Once we got to Denver we had a little trouble with the rental car, but after a short delay we were on our way to Vail!  We rented a condo so we did not have to check in or anything, just walked in and threw our stuff down and slept as it was quiet late and with a 2 hour time change we had been up and traveling over 14 hours.  I woke up this morning and looked out the windows to see the amazing Rocky Mountains. Even though we were just here this spring (not hip related, just drove through on a road trip), its easy to forget how beautiful and breathtaking it is here.  I went to the grocery store early as we had no food in the condo and just the short drive to the market was amazing.  On the way back to the condo from the store I stopped by the hospital to just see where it was and such.  Vail is such a neat little town.  Its set deep in a valley and the rising mountains on all sides makes you feel very small.  So currently I am sitting in front of a fire, watching some football, trying not to obsess to much about the surgery.

Its odd to think that this time last week I was fussing about how frustrated I was about how far away surgery was and how much pain I have been in.  This hole situation happened very fast and when I originally started this blog it was to give some insight into what life was like for me and my wait for surgery, but seeing as my wait was shortened a lot, I guess this blog may end up being a lot shorter than I planned, which is good for me, but I had really wanted to give those out there who are also struggling a story that they could follow and relate to and my story has become not as long as planned.  So for those out there who are reading and still struggling, please keep your spirits up.  Hopefully this it the end for me, but who knows, I thought that with my last surgery.  I will keep everyone updated as to the outcome of my surgery and what recovery is like, which will hopefully help anyone out there also looking to have surgery with Dr. Philippon.

So tomorrow is a day filled with appointments.  I first have an MRI at 8:15am, then I meet with someone form the Howard Head Sports Medicine for a physical therapy evaluation, and last but not least, I have some appointments with Dr. Philippons team and then the hip guru himself!  The whole process will take about 6 hours.  So it will be a long day of people poking and prodding I am sure, but in the end, it will all be worth it!

Will post tomorrow (if I am not too tired) with an update of how the day went!

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