Saturday, January 12, 2013

Almost there

Well, a week from today we fly back out to Colorado for surgery on the 21st.  I called last week and talked with Dr. Philippon's PA and he said that all tests have come back negative for any infection in my hip, which is what I, plus my husband and GP, already knew, but I understand why they wanted to make sure that there was no infection.  I am a little worried though because I was unable to get a hold of the surgery scheduler to confirm my surgery date and get a time, but I am assuming that will happen on Monday.  Of course, the more I think about going out there for surgery, the more nervous I get.  I want to be able to plan everything to the very end, but I know that I can't.  I have planned and booked as much as I can and now I just have to let the days tick by and wait.  So far it looks like the weather will be nice to fly, which is a blessing because living in the northern most part of Michigan, you just never know what the weather is going to do, especially in January.

So, not much to report on.  I have our condo booked as well as our flights, the only thing I still need to book is a car rental, which the last time we were there, it worked out better to just get a car when we got into Denver.  My pain has been steadily getting worse over the past few weeks.  Sleeping has become very difficult as well, which does not help things much.  Last night I only slept for about 4 hours before my hips just became too painful.  I am trying to calm my nerves by doing things around the house but I have a hard time balancing being able to do things around the house and not putting myself in a lot of pain :/

Overall, just nervous.  I would feel a lot better if I had gotten a phone call or email from the surgery scheduler to confirm my surgery, but I don't see why surgery would not be a go considering the PA told me that from his end it was.  Anyways, I will update again once we are in CO!

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