Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post OP

Well, it actually happened, surgery really happened!  Today I am 9 days post op and overall feeling pretty good.  I actually got to go home the day after surgery, after the epidural wore off.  I came out of surgery around 2:30PM and was feeling pretty good.  I was told that I could go home after I got on the bike in physical therapy but the epidural was taking a very long time to wear off and I could not move my feet until about 6PM, which was after physical therapy closed, so no bike for me.  I was in some pain once home and walking was difficult at first but I was happy to go back to our condo instead of having to stay in the hospital.

As for surgery, I was told that things went well.  They did a lot of work.  I had a labral reconstruction with a cadavar, an osteoplasty with rim trimming for combined FAI, thermal chondroplasty on the femur, chondroplasty on the acetabulum, plication of iliofemoral ligament, thermal treatment of the ligamentum teres, a synovectomy, and the removal of a lot of scar tissue.  I was in traction for 127 minues.

The physical therapy protocol is very intense starting the day after surgery.  I had to be at physical therapy first thing in the morning.  I rode the bike for 20 minutes then one of Dr. Philippon's fellows came down and explained to me a little bit about what they did, showed me pictures and then the nurse changed my dressing.  Each day I had physical therapy twice a day which includes 20 minutes on the bike, some simple movements and exercises and some soft tissue work, and then 20 minutes of icing.  Also, each day I have to use the CPM machine for 4-6 hours, wear my brace while walking around, use the DVT preventative boots while sitting for more than 20 minutes, use the anti-rotational boots whenever I am sitting or sleeping, and of course crutches.  It a lot to keep track of, but so far, I have been feeling great.

The plane ride home I was very worried about, but went well.  Both of our flights were on time, which I was very grateful for as I was worried about getting delayed in Chicago.

We got home 4 days ago and its been wonderful being back.  I was so happy to sleep in my own bed, even though sleeping has been difficult for me.  I have been going to physical therapy here at home once a day this week and its been going well.  There has been a small problem with getting the CPM machine home to Michigan, seems as though UPS mixed some things up, but hopefully we it will come tomorrow.

Overall, things have been going well.  I am feeling good and able to get around pretty easy.  I get tired easily, but that's about it.  I am looking forward to this rehab process as I can't wait to see how things progress!!

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