Sunday, February 3, 2013

Two weeks post op

Good Morning all,

Its a cold, snowy day in northern Michigan today (again!).  We have been home a whole week now and its been great.  My mom left about 3 days ago to go back home and since then its just been me and my husband, plus my giant baby, which is some might confuse with a German Shepherd.  I went to physical therapy every day last week and its been going really well.  My hip has been feeling great.  I feel like my range of motion is really good, although I still can't do any external rotation.  I am able to sleep on either side,  if only for a short period of time, without much pain.  There is still some swelling that I can see and feel, but overall, its not bad.  My incision sites are looking really good, I have an appointment to see my primary care physician next week to get my stitches out.  The pain that I am having I believe is left over from traction.  My IT band is really tight and the area that PT has been working on the most.  I keep getting pain around my knee and ankle quiet a bit.  I am still having to take one Norco every 4-6 hours as well as a muscle relaxant. Yesterday was Saturday and I since I didn't have PT I went to the gym and rode the bike for 20 minutes and it felt great.  Overall I feel pretty good, I have been able to sleep well the last few nights which has been amazing!  I am a little worried about pain management because Dr. P's office only does pain management for the first 10 days, then they want me to make an appointment with the pain clinic again.  Its a little frustrating, but not much I can do about it.

Below are some pictures from the surgery :)

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